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Google Forgot to Notify Customers It Put Microphones in Nest Security Systems 2019

Customers will be able to work as AI-operated Google Assistants after the recent update, in the beginning of February, customers were detained after the announcement of their home security system, Nest Secure.

"With the flip of a switch in the Nest application, you can always set the security as the listening assistant speaker", in a blog post declaring the company's update.

Then the customers were not aware that Vive Secure was a microphone.
Google has said that it failed to include a microphonein technical features, creating an "error", Business Insider first reported.

The announcement came in the announcement that the product should not have any microphone, Google did not fix it until Tuesday. Nest Secure was on the roof for 18 months.

Google Forgot to Notify Customers It Put Microphones

"The on-device microphone was never meant to be concealed and should be listed in technical spaces," a Google spokesman, in a statement, emailed the post. "This was an error in our part.

The microphone was never running and it is only active when users enable the option."


Google said it has created an "error"

• Nest Secure was on the roof for 18 months

The microphone has never been launched: Google

•A hidden microphone is the worst type of microphone.

 The microphone was included to keep the door open for additional features added in technology, Google said, the ability to locate a broken glass is a good one.

The organization said sound sensing devices are common on security systems.

Google launched similar voice-driven functionality in Nest's security cameras last year.

In a blog post, Google said that many people do not need Google support functionality because most already have separate devices for that purpose.

The company explains that the boundaries of voice-command functions are limited - the system can not be submerged without music or any voice.

But many people are uncertain about the possibility of access to Google without the knowledge of the customers.

Tensions rose around the practice of privacy because it was discovered that Facebook users have access to database users' data and have compromised their data by the 87 million user political consultancy firm Cambridge Analyst.

During the Senate hearing in September, Google and Apple's technology leaders told lawmakers that it was time to make federal privacy law after taking many steps against such a move.

A fire has also been blamed for suspicious confidentiality practices in Google's past, in August the Associated Press investigation revealed that even though Google was out of spies, they kept the information on the customers' phones secret.

Google bought smart home appliance company Nest Labs in February with a $ 3.2 billion deal. Since 2015 the company has been working as a separate business under parent company Alflett.

Now it's part of Google's Hardware section, which builds Google Home technology and Pixel smartphones.

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