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Canon EOS RP Budget Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Now Available in India 2019

Canon EOS RP Budget Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Now Available in India 2019, A few weeks ago, Canon officially took over the budget of his budget full-frame camera - EOS RP - and did not take Canon for a long time to launch it in India. With the sale starting from, Canon EOS RP can now be bought for Rs.

For body only Rs 1,10,495 or you can get it with the RF24-105mm f / 4 IS USM lens. 1,99,490 This camera competes for a spot with some of the older Sony Alpha full-frame cameras like some premium APS-C cameras such as Sony A6500, Fujifilm X-T3 and even older A7 II, which can still be found Is the market

Canon EOS RP is based on the company's new RF mount, which started Canon EOS R last year.

Canon EOS RP Budget Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

 Canon EOS RP Budget Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Now Available in India


The new EOS RP model is meant for advanced amateurs who want to step-up with cropped sensor cameras but essentially budget for all-out going for something like EOS R.


• Has a 26.2-megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor

• Has 4,779 points and 4 K recording of videos

• Body is available at the cost of rupees. 1,10,495

Keeping that in mind, EOS RP has become a little smaller - 26.2-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, and is operated by the same DIGIC 8 image processor as its older brother. It is also slimmer and lightweight, which weighs about 485 grams.

Other specialties include 4,779 selectable autofocus (AF) points, the original ISO range of 100-40,000, shooting with 5fps one-shot AF mode (with approximately 4fps servo AF), dual pixel AF, 4K video recording at 24fps, a complete Includes articulated touchscreen.

Display and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is also the EyeAF in the camera, which has been asked to work in servo AF mode and also a silent shooting mode.

In Canon EOS RP, Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) with 2.36 million dot resolution is also integrated and the display can be used as touchpad for touch-and-drag AF.

Like EOS R, the EOS RP can also be charged via USB Type-C port, but you will need an optional PD-E1 adapter.

Canon can enter the full-frame Mirrorless Segment by late, but this type of camera is the first to bring this low cost.

The only problem though is the cost of new RF lenses, which do not come at least, at least for now. 

If you are an existing canon user, then you can customize your current EF and EF-S lens in the new RF mount using the optional adapter.

If you look at body-body-only pricing only, then Canon has some tough competition in the premium mirrorless segment.

Of course, they offer cameras cracked sensors, but when it comes to video or burst shooting, almost all of them are more comprehensive sets.

It is interesting to see how the new Canon EOS RP gets stacked against them when we test it.

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